Kidchen Club

Special Promotions

1. 你/妳是 Kidchen Club會員嗎?凡是會員本身或直系親屬的生日派對,只要在Kidchen Club辦派對,當天還有20個手工birthday mini-cupcakes送給壽星哦! 還等什麼? 就讓 Kidchen Club幫你/妳準備全台灣獨一無二的美語生日派對吧!
Sign up your birthday party in Kidchen Club! 20 pieces of complimentary mini-cupcakes will be given upon membership.
2. 凡參加體驗課程,現場加入Kidchen Club LINE@,Facebook按讚,和現場活動照片上傳至自己的Facebook,記得發佈前打卡哦! 即可馬上獲得價值NT$550 的禮券,可抵用下次課程或其他活動。
For the first trial session of Kidchen Club workshop, you will get one free voucher valued at NT$550 immediately after you join LINE@, LIKE Facebook and UPLOAD on-site workshop photos onto your own Facebook and TAG Kidchen Club. The voucher can be redeemed all programs in Kidchen Club.
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