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每位學員第一次體驗課程有 64 折的折扣。第一次體驗價從  $350 起。請參考官網: 

Each kid will have 34% off the original price for the first time experience in the Kidchen Club cooking workshop. The first experience price is from $350 and up. Pls also visit

您可以買點數成為會員。一次購買至少 24 點,就送另外 2 點和兒童圍裙。換算起來將近 9 折。購買點數越多,折扣及禮物就越多。更多詳情請參訪:

You can consider to become our membership and buy the points. The minimum package will be 24 points, plus 2 points and kid's apron as bonus. It's almost 10% off. The more you buy, the more discount and rewards you will receive. For more details, please also visit

只要購買至少 24 點即自動變成會員。

Once you purchase at least 24 points, one child is automatically a member.

以孩子上不同的課程,每堂價值 1-3 點不等。每次來上課報到時,我們會幫您從購買點數內扣除。

When you attend one workshop, the points will be redeemed based on the type of workshop, varied from 1 to 3 points. 

點數從購買日期開始計算可以使用一年。一個家庭(ex: 哥哥 、姊姊 、弟弟 、妹妹 、家長)可以共同使用一個會員。點數可以使用在大部分Kidchen club 的課程(除了 Kindermusik, Little Opera Stars, 健身課和派對)

The points are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The points under one membership can be shared within the family, ie parents, brothers and sisters. It can be used in any Kidchen Club workshop (except Kindermusik, Little Opera Stars, Fitness and Party).


Unfortunately, points under one membership can only be used by the member him/herself and family members.


Yes points under one membership can be used by the member him/herself and family members.

第年齡層分為 2-4, 4-6 跟 6-12 歲。音樂與律動課有開給 6-48 個月的孩子。

We have workshops for kid’s age 2-4, 4-6 and 6-12 years old. For music and movement class, ie Kindermusik, we accept 6 -48 months.

如在 24 小時內取消,會酌收現金 150元的人士材料費。

If the cancellation is made within 24 hours before the workshop, the $150 service charge will be applied.


2-4 歲課程  2-4 Years Old Workshops  

若要讓孩子增進廚藝,可以考慮 Cooking ABC (料理ABC) 和 Little Chef Einstein Junior(小小愛因斯坦的科學廚房) 這兩堂課程。

Should you wish your child to develop his or her cooking skills, you may consider 2 cooking workshops that are suitable for your child's age group : Cooking ABC and Little Chef Einstein Junior


五感大冒險相關問題 About Sensory Kidchen Play 


Your child will not bring any food home. If food is used, it is for the 'tasting' activity during the workshop.

每一堂課程的內容 (美勞,食物,律動,美術)以及分別的長短會以每週的主題而定。舉例來說,如果“視覺”和/或 “聽覺”是這週主題,孩子則會參與較多有關 “美勞”和“律動”的活動,而較少 ‘品嘗”的活動。 如果主題強調“品嘗”,孩子則會多參與有關食物的活動。

The design of activities (i.e., craft, food play, movement, art) to be included in a workshop and length of time used for each activity is varied each week depending on the chosen theme. For instance, if the sense of 'sighting' and/or 'hearing' is the focus of the week, children might get to engage more in the 'craft' and 'movement' activity, and engage less on the 'tasting' activity.  If the theme of a particular week is highlighted on the sense of 'tasting', children might get to spend more time on the 'food play' activity.

孩子在這 50 分鐘的課程中不會烹飪。有些星期的活動會使用食物,目的是增加孩子的五感,而非製作食物的技巧。

Your child will not get to cook during this 50 minute-workshop. In some weeks when food is included in the sensory play activity, it is done with the purpose of promoting the use of the children's senses, but not on promoting the skills of making food (cooking).

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