Learning 'Recipes for Life' at Kidchen Club

"If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life…」 (Anonymous)

This old Chinese saying inspired me to create a learningful play program that allows kids to learn a recipe for life through food and cooking. In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is crucial in helping children to be able to meet and handle the challenges of everyday life. We parents tend to put our effort and attention to equip our children with all things academic and sometimes neglect the life skills. However, the key that set human apart from the automated intelligence machines ( AI ) is human skills, life skills, the soft skills. 

The Mission
Our business exists to serve and assist parents to help and set their children on a path to a healthy and happy, self-sufficient and well-adjusted living through the use of food and cooking.

The Fundamental Approach: Food as a Powerful Learning Tool VS Hands-on, Experiential Learning 
Food is part of our life. We believe in the power of food and its connectivity which makes food a powerful learning tool for both life skills and multi-disciplinary learning subject. We take this advantage to integrate and introduce various academic concepts (i.e., English, Mathematics and Science), life skills and general knowledge (i.e., culture and tradition & geography, table manners & dining etiquettes) as well as a child's personal, emotional and social developmental skills, into our creative, kids culinary inspired curriculum based on multi-sensory exploration and multi-disciplinary approach.

Young children acquire knowledge through the use of their 5 senses and through their experience with their mind, heart, and hands all together, simultaneously.

Cooking make learning ‘hands-on’ in nature! The fact that cooking is the only form of learning that allow kids to use all their 5 senses of sighting, hearingsmellingtouching and tasting simultaneously making makes ‘food and cooking’ the most powerful learning tool. No other learning activities could promote all of the 5 senses at almost the same time as cooking! Thus, the learning through food is very rich, learningful, tasty and fun!

Besides, learning through food from a young age helps laying the foundation for a sound eating habit which will let children carry with them for a lifetime.

Pretzel it ~ Learningful Play Model
We reap the fundamental fact and role of food in learning and develop a food-led learningful play curriculum for children age 2 t0 12 year old. Given that, our emphasis in our cooking workshops is on learning during the cooking process, not merely on the food as the end product result.   

Kidchen Club isn’t just another ‘cooking’ workshop for kids. Rather, it is a fun, experiential learning space for kids to learn multidisciplinary subjects as well as their recipe for life!