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Kidchen Club 是個能讓你與孩子一起「生活、料理、玩創意」的新型態五感學習園地,全程英語教學!

別以為Kidchen Club只是一間「親子料理教室」,我們將烹飪視為生命及生活的啟蒙,相信孩子最需要的不只是書本知識,而是生活智慧。

Kidchen Club認為,料理是唯一能讓孩子同時運用五感的活動;料理更能幫助孩子管理情緒與發展社交關係,並從中獲得莫大的成就感──那就是Kidchen Club要送給孩子們的禮物──他們帶回家的可不只是「食譜」與「菜餚」,而是「生活」、「料理」還有“創意”。

「生活 料理 玩創意」藉著多元的烹調課程,將書本上的抽象事物(例如語言、數學、科學…)轉變成手作的體驗,提升孩子感官、認知、人際、觀察及思考技能,同時也意識到「食的健康」,讓他們開始擁有身心靈富足的快樂人生。


Through our culinary-led, multi-disciplinary integrated curriculum, children are served with a 'Recipe for Life' in a learningful play way at Kidchen Club.

To grow up having a happy, healthy and well-balanced life, our children need a recipe to help prepare them to be life smart, not just book smart.

Kidchen Club believes in the power of food as a learning tool. So we use food and cooking as a launching point to introduce multi-disciplinary subjects, math, science, language, culture and essential life skills to children, which allows them to engage in a fun, hands-on and multi-sensory learning experience.

Cooking is the only activity that allows children to use their 5 senses. Cooking also helps with a child’s emotional and social development. In fact, food creates a great bond between parents and a child from the first meal on! This is the reason why when a child leaves Kidchen Club, what he or she brings home is not just a recipe and the food they made that day, but with a recipe for life.


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