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雙語料理冬令營 Winter Camp 2017


雙語料理冬令營  Winter Camp 2017

 一年一度的「Kidchen Club雙語料理冬令營」又來向爸爸媽媽弟弟妹妹們拜年囉!


想不想讓來家裡拜年的親戚朋友驚艷一下你的手藝呢?小小年紀竟燒得一手好菜,我想你今年又能多拿不少紅包喲~  恭喜發財!快來快來!


Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s that time of the year again where each home cooks the most traditional food for this festivity! Join us in our Winter Camp and learn how to make these Chinese food traditions from scratch. Know the story behind each food such as Tung Yuan, Longevity Noodles and Fa Gao. It’s definitely going to be another learningful play experience here at Kidchen Club! Sign up as early as now or until December 31st and avail gift voucher value at $1,100 for sign up four full-days camp!

營隊日期 / Date : 1/23-1/26 & 2/7-2/10 9:30am-3:30pm
適齡 Age : 5歲-12歲 / 5-12 years old

早鳥價 : 1231日截止 Early Bird Before 31st December

半天營隊 / Half day camp : $1,800
一天營隊 / Day camp : $3,000
四全天營隊 / Four full-day camp : $10,000~>送雙語烘焙課程禮券,價值$1,100/Free voucher $1,100


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每天的食譜和勞作 Daily Recipe and Craft

1/23 & 2/7

營隊第一天食譜 Day 1:

  • 主菜 Food : 蘿蔔糕 & 鳳梨酥 Turnip Cake & Pineapple Cake
  • 勞作時間 Craft : 中國生肖故事和勞作 Chinese Zodiac Story and Craft

1/24 & 2/8

營隊第二天食譜 Day 2:

  • 主菜 Food : 長壽豬腳麵線 & 紅龜粿Longevity Noodle Soup & Red Tortoise Cake
  • 勞作時間 Craft : 毛筆的藝術 Chinese Calligraphy Art

1/25 & 2/9

營隊第三天食譜 Day 3:

  • 主菜 Food : 包”金元寶”& 大發糕 Dumplings & Steamed Prosperity Cake (Fa-Gao)
  • 勞作時間 Craft : 中國傳統禮物和紅包的創作 Chinese New Year Traditional Gift & red Pocket Craft

1/26 & 2/10

營隊第四天食譜 Day 4:

  • 主菜 Food : 珍珠丸子 & 紅白湯圓 Pearl Rice Ball & Tung Yuan
  • 勞作時間 Craft : 中國年曆和燈籠的製作  Lunar Calenar & Lantern Craft

每日行程範例  Sample of daily

1st half day:

9:30 – 9:45am 報到。咕! 咕! 咕! Be there and get ready for the workshop

9:45-10:00am  行程解說。尋寶遊戲或矇眼試吃,找找看或猜猜看今天最重要的原料是甚麼。 Kitchen orientation with warm up activities and fun food fact games (i.e., scavenger hunt for key ingredients of the recipe of the day, mystery box, blind food testing)

10:00-12:00noon 準備材料、第一道烹飪、桌面布置 Food preparation, cooking and table setting

12:00-12:30pm 午餐和休息 Lunch & Quiet Play Time

 2nd Half day:

12:30-13:30pm 本週主題藝術, 手作, 和講故事 Art/craft/story time related to the camp weekly theme

13:30-15:00 食物與創意的結合、主題活動 Creative food play complimented with one enriched activity (i.e., kitchen science experiment, food presentation art)

15:00-15:30 點心和遊戲 Snack time & game

15:30 開心道”明天見” End of today ́s workshop

  1. 滿四人開班,48小時前做最後開班確認。Minimum 4 kids to open the camp and 48 hours before the camp starts for final confirmation.
  2. 若未在活動開始 7 天前請假,恕無法退費。建議您出發日前 7 日內(含出發日)如須取消,可將名額轉讓。但請務必先告知,代理參與者的姓名及聯絡資訊。出發日前 6 日至前 4 日內 (不含出發日) 可更改日期。但更改僅限一次,並僅限於同一活動。出發日前 3 日(不含出發日)至當日內不接受更改日期。
  3. Kidchen Club擁有內容及時間之最後更改權利。Kidchen Club reserves the right of cancellation and any changes.


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