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輕鬆零負擔!「塑身健美班」歡迎嚮往健康的朋友一起加入,男女不是問題^^我們特別禮聘認證私人教練Collen來為您作特別指導,透過「田畑運動」(Tabata Training)、「新兵訓練法」(Boot Camp)及「代謝阻力訓練」(Metabolic Resistance Training)…等等技巧,整體鍛鍊您的肌耐力、舒緩您的肢體,同時還能讓您在這條塑身健美的路上,認識志同道合的好友哦!

Fit and Fabulous! Fitness workshops for ladies and men of all levels of fitness. Led by qualified personal trainer Colleen, classes are coordinated to create muscle and tone down our bodies using a variety of techniques such as Tabata, Boot Camp and Metabolic Resistance Training while at the same time is a great opportunity to make new like minded friends.

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Perfect for moms &  adults


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