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驚奇美食冒險營 Cooking Adventure! 7/17 – 7/21, 8/14 -8/18 (5 -12YO)


歡迎光臨叢林世界,充滿驚奇的美食冒險營就要開始咯!我們將提供一份包括「激流泛舟早午餐」「肉丸子巨石山」「庭園義麵沙拉」「森林濃湯」跟「熱帶水果棒棒冰」的叢林料理菜單。這星期當中,我們會為您的寶貝規劃出頭好壯壯又元氣滿滿的料理佳餚,陪他們進行一整週精力充沛的大冒險哦! 當然,除了美食之外,我們更是精心設計了各種趣味運動遊戲、動物模仿體操(如:青蛙跳、小馬跑),再加上叢林藝術與創作活動,讓寶貝們完全沈浸在叢林冒險主題當中!

It’s time to hit the jungle and let our fun and adventurous cook off begins!! We’ll cover jungle recipes like River Rafting Brunch, Meat Ball Rock Mountain, Garden Pasta Salad, Forest Soup and Tropical fruit pop. This week we’ll introduce healthy and energy food to the kids so that they can be active throughout the week of adventures! We’ll pair up our adventurous meals with playful exercise games and imaginative, pretend play activities (i.e., Froggy Hop, Pony Gallop) while making some jungle art & craft to go with the theme of the week.

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Perfect for 5-12 years old
Time Brief Description

9:30-9:45am 報到。咕!咕!咕! Be there and get ready for the workshop

9:45-10:00am 當天行程、食材解說和熱身遊戲。 今天最重要的原料是甚麼?

The orientation of today’s recipe and craft program with warm up activities.

10:00-12:00pm 準備材料、第一道料理、桌面佈置

Food preparation, cooking and table setting

12:00-12:30 午餐和休息

Lunch & Quiet Play Time

12:30-13:30pm 本周主題藝術、手作、講故事

Art/Craft/Story time related to the camp weekly theme

13:30-15:00pm 第二道料理:點心和創意的結合、主題活動(科學實驗等等)

The 2nd recipe : creative play complimented with one enriched activity (i.e. Kitchen science experiment, food presentation art)

15:00-15:30pm 點心和遊戲

Snack time & game

15:30pm 開心道”明天見”

End of today’s workshop

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