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<成人班>日式戚風蛋糕6吋 Chiffon Cake 6”


– 原味蛋香


烘焙師 Rachel堅持使用優質原料~​日本熊本麵粉​, 日本上白糖​, 阿里山放山雞蛋​,​得意的一天優質植物油,100%使用法國優質純動物性鮮奶油​,無摻氫化過植物性鮮奶油,堅持不使用化學膨大劑​,​絕不加人工色素,蛋糕的色彩來自純可可粉、天然果泥,大人、小孩都可放心食用!中文授課。



“Everything is made with nature and its origin” is the philosophy of Rachel’s baking workshop. Kumamoto flour, coarse granulated sugar, Free ranged eggs, 100% vegetable oil, French dairy cream and fermented naturally by yeast and all colored from food itself are what we will make Chiffon in the workshop!

歡迎私人組團預約。Private Booking available!

以上課程可使用點數做折抵。Members can redeem points.

4人以上開班,周末()或國定假日班最低收費為$10,000;限7歲以上或成人。Minimum of 4 numbers required for opening workshop during weekdays.  A minimum charge of $10,000 is required to open workshops during weekend. The workshop is limited for age of 7 and above.

出發日前4日至當日內不接受更改日期。Non-changeable of schedule within 4 days.

若您出發日前4日內()如需改期,可將名額轉讓,恕無法退費。Non-refundable within 4 days but you can transfer your booking to someone if you can’t join the workshop.



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