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世界美食護照營 Passport to World Cuisine 7/3- 7/7 , 7/31 – 8/4 (5 -12YO)


小朋友,拿好你的美食護照,準備出發咯! 跟著我們一起來趟環遊世界的美食大冒險吧! 在品嚐披薩跟義式脆餅的時候,要記得說「Ciao」;在可麗餅跟馬卡龍端上桌時,別忘了說「Bon Appetit」;在捲起墨西哥薄餅時,大喊一聲「Fiesta」;在打開日式便當時,輕輕講句「Kawaii」;而在享用過泰國點心之後,要講「Sawasdee」才有禮貌。

Kids, here is your edible passport! Get ready for a stamp as we travel to the world cuisine from the West to the East! We’ll say ‘Ciao’ when having pizza and biscotti,‘Bon Appetit’ when savory crêpes and macarons are served, feeling ‘fiesta’ when rolling up some tortillas, scream out ‘Kawaii’ when open a Bento box and ‘sawasdee’ to some Thai delicacies! We will also explore some native cultural inspired arts,crafts and fun games.



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Perfect for 5-12 years old

Time                       Brief Description

9:30-9:45am             報到。咕!咕!咕!  Be there and get ready for the workshop

9:45-10:00am          當天行程、食材解說和熱身遊戲。 今天最重要的原料是甚麼?

The orientation of today’s recipe and craft program with warm up activities.

10:00-12:00pm        準備材料、第一道料理、桌面佈置

Food preparation, cooking and table setting

12:00-12:30              午餐和休息

Lunch & Quiet Play Time

12:30-13:30pm        本周主題藝術、手作、講故事

Art/Craft/Story time related to the camp weekly theme

13:30-15:00pm         第二道料理:點心和創意的結合、主題活動(科學實驗等等)

The 2nd recipe : creative play complimented with one enriched activity (i.e. Kitchen science experiment, food presentation art)

15:00-15:30pm         點心和遊戲

Snack time & game

15:30pm                    開心道”明天見”

End of today’s workshop

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